Resident Welfare Association of Low Cost Multistorey building requests for subsidized solar pumpsets
TR. Madhavan | 15 Sep 2014

In a meeting flat owners' welfare association of a happy homes housing complex, Shamshabad airport road, in Rajendranagar assembly constituency area of Telangana State, a member brought to the notice of all those present about a report published in a leading National English daily about Solar Pumpsets. Renewable Energy is Green, Clean and Sustainable is his view placed before the members.

About six months ago to selected States the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy granted the Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) water pumping systems for irrigation. The 5 HP pumpsets would cost about Rs. 5 lakhs each, on which a 30 per cent subsidy will be granted by the Central government. A minimum of 15 per cent of the cost should be borne by the respective Sate governments as per norms. However, the idea is to see that the beneficiary does not bear more than 15 to 20 percent of the total cost.

The New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh has planned to form a State-level committee to work out the modalities for identifying the beneficiaries and to determine the cost structure.

As per the advisory issued by the APERC there are more than 30 lakhs agricultural pump sets in the undivided State of Andhra Pradesh and now both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments are offering free power to the farmer of small landholding, this Solar pump set which will have about 20 years of life, during which the amount spent of free power supply can be recovered by way of not having to pay power bills.

Based on above information, the members of the 9 blocks association most of them are Minorities and nearly 80% resident are minorities and linguistic minorities, stated that, as the common power bill per block comes to about Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- per month due to operation of bore wells more than 10 hours added to provision of common area lightings and lift. During summer the power bill further increases. The members felt that, if solar pump set are installed definitely the power bill will come down drastically and amount saved can be utilized for the better maintenance of the each block.

The members have decided to send request representation to the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and to the State government of Telangana to include low cost multi storey buildings to provide subsidized solar pump sets under welfare schemes as per the norms applicable to the agricultural sectors. Whatever percentage of total cost has to be borne by beneficiary the resident welfare associations want to repay in equated monthly installments in about three or four years.

Every member did agree that, the welfare association is really unable to meet the monthly regular expenditure due to defaulters as well as fluctuating power bills and the members reluctant to allow the increase in maintenance charges from time to time. The other maintenance of assets due gets delayed. If the Central and State government offer the same policy terms as applicable to the agriculture sector most of the multi storey building will definitely switch over to solar power especially bore well pumps operations.

It is a good and bold effort by the residents to seek such benefit from both the Central and State Governments. Indeed, switching to renewable energy can save some percentage of power which can definitely light some of the houses which is in need of it in the Country.

The flat owners' welfare association of the 9 blocks did place a request before me to through Merinews management to forward their request to the Union Ministry as well as the State government of Telangana.