Residents of a residential complex in Hyderabad to avail safe drinking water connection put up fundraising appeal
TR. Madhavan | 11 Feb 2019

The Happy Homes Residential Complex, Opp. Pillar No. 185 PVNR Expressway, Hyderabad, a 9 blocks residential complex consisting of about 700 LIG flats, which was built about 18 years back situated under Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Rajendra Nagar circle limits in Hyderabad, the water crisis they are facing last 3 to 4 years.

When the flat buyers occupied in 2000 to 2002 to avail piped drinking water connection to each block, there was no drinking water main lines available in the locality which is provided by the presently known Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board. Since occupation of the premises, the 700 LIG families till date depend on private canned drinking water suppliers. When the drinking water main lines were commissioned in the locality about a decade back, we did approached the government to provide the separate metered piped water connection to each block. The water board did responded positively in providing the connection and were asked to pay several lakhs per block for a 1" dia connection to the sump. As the charges were beyond reach of the residents, after formation of the state of Telangana a fresh representation was sent to the state government to provide a metered drinking water connection with a plea to waive off all charges and levies applicable as per water board rules. The water board has come forward to provide a bulk capacity metered connection of 100 mm dia with a guaranteed daily water supply of 215 KL. The charges and levies of Rs. 1.66 crores payable to the board within 60 days. They have been facing severe water crunch for our day to day needs since the last few years due to slow depletion of groundwater levels in the existing borewells in all the 9 blocks. The cause for depletion of groundwater is, due to several multi storey and individual building construction activity in the adjoining colonies of our complex. All buildings have gone for deep bore wells beyond 500 feet. Since 2015 summer all the bore wells in the complex have gone completely dry and now entire complex consisting of about 700 family, totally depending on private water suppliers for day to day water needs by paying more to them. Because of water problem, in every block occupancy rate dropped drastically and put the burden of water purchase charges on the rest of the occupants. A fresh plea was again sent by the residents after the recently held assembly elections to the Telangana government by them requesting; "A piped water connection will ease to some extent the water crisis being faced, as a bulk supply drinking water connection has been agreed by the Hyderabad Metro Water Board, we seek a sub meter facility separate connection to each block by relaxing all charges and levies payable as mentioned in the orders issued from bulk meter point". As there's no communication from the Telangana government on their plea and as the summer is approaching the residents will have to face more water crisis for their day to day needs, the limited funds to avail the drinking water connection forced them to make an appeal through fundraiser website for contribution from the people, as they require ?1.66 crores to pay the Hyderabad Metro Water Board to avail a permanent separate piped water connection to each block to solve the day to day water needs problems. They have even appealed to the elected representatives of their parliament, assembly and municipal corporation constituency as well as to eminent persons, trusts and individuals for contributions. Their appeal for Contributions is live online through http://ket.to/happyhomes The residents do hope that, they will get the necessary help for funds from all quarters. I support the cause, also appeal the readers to help and share the article. I wish them all the success.