Residents Protest opening of Liquor retail outlet with bar facility in their locality– seek support for the cause
TR. Madhavan | 15 Jul 2014

The residents of the housing complex who submitted the representation to the Excise Minister of Telangana had shown a copy the same requesting for the support for the cause. This is being shared with the readers for their comments and support. The Excise department does not seek a no-objection certificate either from the neighbors or from the locality people.


The residents especially working women, college going girls and others of 9 block complex and other apartment complexes opposite to pillar no. 178 to 187 PVNR Expressway united stood up against the opening of the retail out let with bar facility at the corner of the entrance of the one and only link road available to the 900 add middle class families of the complex to move in and out.


The Community Elders and the respective block associations were requested and persuaded to protest and in turn the respective associations and individuals prepared a representation of protest was submitted to the Commissioner, Prohibition & Excise & Asst. Commissioner of Prohibition & Excise, Govt of Telangana to stall the opening of the outlet. The official has ordered to conduct an inquiry and report at the earliest. The inquiry officer is yet to visit   the location and conduct inquiry. We have come to know that, the outlet inauguration to be held shortly.

The reasons for opposing the opening of the Liquor Outlet in the locality entrance, they mentioned were;

  1. The Housing complex has been provided only one link road to the main inner ring which joins opposite to pillar no. 185 PVNR Expressway.
  2. The link road is hardly about 35 feet wide, does not have pavement facility and one side is open land from main road to complex Gate and on other side is a Swimming Pool complex.
  3. Inside the complex there are two place of worship. One is a Mosque and other is a Jamaathkana of Ismaili Sect of Muslim Minority.
  4. Ismaili Sect are residing between Upparpally Cross Roads to Reliance Petrol Bunk area along the PVNR Expressway, have to use the available link road of complex to go to the place of their worship. They along with all the family members offer prayers in the early mornings and in the evenings between 7pm to 8.30 pm.
  5. Apart from the residents of the complex, the worshippers and others frequently use the one only road to move in and out of the complex.
  6. The Liquor Retail Outlet is being located on the left side corner of the link road near the main road. Everyone has to cross the outlet while going in or out.
  7. To pickup and drop the school going children several school buses use the road to come and go out of the complex. Due to opening of the outlet inconvenience will be caused to the school buses and children.
  8. Further, within 50 meters away, there is Bus and Auto Stand and in about 100 meters away there is a Co-Educational college on the main road, from the location of the retail outlet.
  9. Already people waiting for Bus, Auto at the stop near pillar no. 185 PVNR Expressway, pedestrians and others are put to hardship due to wrong side driving by vehicle owners to reach happy homes, super market, bank and other colonies. This is due to non-provision of traffic signal at Upparpally Cross Roads as well as Traffic Police personnel.
  10. There are several working women and others reach home at the complex after dark due to their different working hours will be put hardship and insecurity as the road become unsafe to use.
  11. The Retail outlet does not have sufficient parking space in the front of it. The visitors will definitely park their vehicles on the road leading happy homes, main road and open spaces available in the adjoining complex and will cause inconvenience to one and all.
  12. As the space occupied by the retail outlet is about 400 meters from the main road to inside road of the happy homes in which about 200 sq. feet area shop, about 150 sq. feet area of parking space in the front and at back side of the shop about 1500 meters length seating place and for another amenities. With a high raised compound wall for about more than 100 feet with entrance facility from the road leading to happy homes will create menace of small street hawkers selling snacks and other items.
  13. Every one is surprised to note that, how the GHMC has given permission for such temporary construction, with door number, trade license and TSSPCDL has provided power connection at a greater speed.
  14. There one rule for the residential constructions and another one for the commercial construction of the GHMC and TSSPCDL for providing permission and power.
  15. Already inside the Complex there are several grocery, snacks and General merchant shop catering to the needs of the residents of the area. The visitor to the outlet will definitely come inside and consume liquor as the rates for snacks etc will be bit high in the retail liquor outlet. Accidents, Drunken brawl and other public nuisance will be day to day affair.
  16. By allowing the retail out let to function at the present location safety and security of the inmates of happy homes residents will be thrown to the wind. The peace and harmony prevailing in the area will be destroyed.
  17. As the retail out let is in the corner of the road, it will cause inconvenience to the vehicle users, pedestrians and others. Accidents, Drunken Brawl and other public nuisance will be a day to day affair.
  18. Further, already the inmates of the 9 blocks complex are facing various civic problems etc. There is no proper street lighting facility in the approach road or in the open ground area near the Mosque. The GHMC circle 6 or RTC is yet to redress the grievances. Because which already flat owners are at loss in not fetching good rents or amount on resale for their flats. Further, there will be more downfalls in property resale and rental value once the outlet is allowed to function at the entrance of the Housing Complex.

Hence, they prayed that the grievances are redressed immediately so that all live happily in our happy homes. Also expected the Minister for Excise will give necessary instructions to the concern Officials of the Excise department and others not issue allow to the outlet at the present location in the public interest. They expect the action taken report will be provided to them at the earliest.