Responsibilities and power of press
khushee sharma | 25 Apr 2011

In todays era press is the most powerful medium of information its field extent from politics to films, from commerce to industries, from sports to science literature to fashion it is almost impossible for us to imagine life without press.

Press is not only about the new story it is also represent the complaint and views of the people in the society. today press plays an imp. role in democracy it unrevealed the truth in its own style. Some times the media also changes the mind of people through its news. The viewers mind get diverted lets take an example of the latest issue anti corruption-Issue of Lok Pal Bill by Anna Hazzare and showed the line telecast which influence the local public and they even started becoming the part of it not only local ones after this many film stars, politician social workers,also started supporting Anna Hazzare.

The role of media is only the show the news, not to declare the result of news. Sometimes this also has been happened that media,just to gain its T.R.P declares its consequences , which prints negative impact on its viewers which even set up the negative impact.

The responsibility of the media is to support every news which is beautiful for the country and it shouldT be impartial means and it should not be under the influence of any political party. Sometimes there can be situation where the media get confused to what to do? then she comes under the situation of serving the humanity or being tourist and for them both are important. Media should never forget its responsibility its responsibilities & role towards society.