Right to Education is meaningless
Satbir Singh Bedi | 21 Jul 2013

Right to Education has been guaranteed under the Constitution of India but is meaningless for the poor people for whom this Right is meant because they do not have the resources to see that this Right is implemented as the fee of the lawyers is too high for them to afford. Moreover, they are not interested in sending their children to the schools because they want them to work for them and supplement the family income so that they could live off their lives a bit better. Govt. on its own is not keen on implementing this Right and have included this Right more or less as a show of its image of a socialist Govt. There are not enough teachers and schools in the country for this Right to get implemented. What our country needs is not more babus but more teachers and doctors.  More schools and dispensaries are also needed.  However, more and more money is being spent on babus and police forces and para military forces.  Why Govt. is not interested in appointing more teachers and opening more schools is that it is not sincere in ensuring the implementation of this Right because if everybody got educated then they would start questioning the ignoble motives of the Govt. in looting the country through corruption and other malpractices and from where will come the funds for winning elections.  Hence the Right to Education is a mere farce.