Rising expectations from the new government
nidhi bajaj | 23 Jun 2009

Congress has once again formed a government at the center. In these elections, we once again witness the tilt of the public towards the national party. People have again voted Congress after observing five years of its hard work.

ONLY A month since the elections, expectations from the newly-formed government have started building. After an excellent performance in the recent elections, Congress once again had the privilege of forming the government at the center. In this elections once again the bend of the public towards the national party can be observed. People have again voted Congress after observing five years of its hard work. In this case, the Congress has no other option but to work hard and fulfill all the promises made by them before the elections and on which basis they had won the elections.

Dr Manmohan Singh has for the second time taken the post of Prime Minister. Now it’s time for the new government to prove itself and provide all the facilities needed by the public. The source of government earning is the public pocket and if the public pay high taxes, then they have a right to ask the government to fulfill their basic needs in return. The PM should know that if they don’t fulfill the needs of the public, then the general public will probably not forgive them - the days when people accept whatever deal they get, are over.

The first thing the government should ensure is to provide all basic necessities at cheap rates to people living below the poverty line. Whether it's food or clothing, everything should be provided to them at lower rates. It is the duty of the government because they cannot immediately raise their wages in order to help them.

Today the world of infrastructure is going through a recession, but the poor face the same challenges. The government should form a scheme to provide the poor with houses - this scheme should particularly be made available to those poor who have no option but to live on the streets or footpaths.

The government should give the work of construction of good roads to the contractors which in return will recover their money through tolls charges. If proper roads are constructed for the people all over the country it will lead to
maximum savings in terms of time and money, which is quite difficult to imagine.

There are other challenges in front of the government such those relating to water and electricity. The government can’t invent water and electricity, but it can save water. To overcome the problem of water, they should join the small rivers. Though it is very big and expensive project but once the joining of all the small or big rivers will be there, the water can reach to the places where there is shortage of water.

The government even have another big challenge to establish the industry of those goods whose demand is more but the supply is less. The establishment of such industry should take place in the area which is still undeveloped or underdeveloped. Also, after the terror attack of Mumbai 26/11 the government should make the new policies to face terrorism and fight back with them.

These are certain basic things which might help the government to overcome with the problems of public. So, if Dr Manmohan Singh government have to go long in the race of politics they should fulfill the general public needs without which they feel themselves backward.