Road to success demand dedication & hard work
Aroun Bharadwaaj | 15 Mar 2008

I had given a project by WHO New Delhi to set up a unit for manufacturing traditional medicines far the Royal Government of Bhutan .which was given as per WHO GMP NORMS and Necessary training was given to the staff for operating this unit..Harish Singla

By Aroun Bharadwaaj, Delhi, 15th March

Mr. Harish Singla, founder Chairman, Elson LLC

Mr. Harish Singla is  a Founder Chairman of Elson llc. Elson llc is a global pharma trading company with it’s headquarter in US and a strong establishment in the CIS region. Heading a team of qualified professionals, Mr. Singla today has built a strong presence as one of the topmost pharmaceutical and allied healthcare related products importer and supplier in the CIS. Mr. Singla has, as per the old saying gone through the wind mill i.e. he has experienced every aspect of pharmaceuticals and allied products. From Medical practioner to distribution and marketing to manufacturing and exporters he tasted success in every field by dint of hard work, dedication and entrepreneurship.

Q. 1. How do you feel when you see yourself in past ..?

Ans. 1. The road to success always demands ones dedication and hard works, it’s the simple rule of nature, so as was also for me. I was born to a middle class family in a small town of Bathinda in Punjab. My father was wholesale tea and grocery distributor and has to travel length and breadth of old India means Kabul, Kandhar (NOW Afghanistan), Peshawar (Pakistan), Calcutta, Madras, Nanded and Dhaka (Now Bangladesh). Soon after my schooling with science subjects, my father told me to join his business but I was keen to go for medical. So I refused and being lovely child revolt and collected funds required by taking small jobs and arranged all the funding required and took admission in S.D College, Barnala where my elder sister got married to teacher who knows value of education and was side by side to get admission to Rajindra Medical college, Patiala with the help of my brother in law but almighty was planning something different for me. Inspite of arranging the funds with my own I had to come back to my home after 23 days, leaving my study in a mid due to a home tragedy. My Parents and my elder brother were put into jail due to suicide done by my sister in law. It was a great setback for me as I suddenly found myself as a father to my two younger sisters and 4 younger brothers. I had to earn for the family and also had to fight for the justice in the court of law for my parents and brother. It was indeed a testing time for me as I had to meet the heavy expenses without any support. Ultimately we win the case from high court and my mother, father and elder brother were exempted. During this period worked with doctor as compounder, I too completed my B.Com from Delhi University. Those time civil surgeon of govt hospital had power to take test and give certificate as registered medical prectioner means authorised to have private practice as doctor and I took one retired qualified doctor as partner and started practice. It ran very well and I earned handsome money in short time. I still remember that I had done few small operations to major like operating patients suffering from breast cancer. In the meantime due to family circumstances my ambition far being a qualified doctor finished in the jaw of circumstances and after 4-5 year I thought if I could not become doctor let me be good chemist at least this RMP practice will long last. From that time onwards an entrepreneurial feeling enter into my heart and I step into the first stage of business.

Q. 2. Tell us more about your entrepreneurial Journey..?

Ans 2. .I worked till 1969 as a medical practitioner and then finally decided to enter into pharmaceutical trading. I entered pharmaceutical business as a wholesale chemist/druggist as distributor of pharmaceuticals in Punjab province of North India. I opened my first drug store with name Super Medical Agencies with an Investment of 25,000/- and my first year profit from the store was 23, 000/- after all expenses. From 1970 – 1978, I was successfully having two more shops Fairdeal medical agency and Harasha Pharma representing more then 50 renowned companies of that time. Some of the few to name were Glaxo, Parke-devis,alembic,cipla,deys medical,alkem,charak,hind chemical,GDA,biological evan,TCF, Pfizer and so many others etc..In 1978 I established a unit for manufacturing Pharma formulations under name and style of GALAXY PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD with office in New Delhi and succeeded enormously., I had been to srilanka, Jeddah and Nigeria in 1980-81 By this time there was Insurgency in Punjab which forced to close down this unit as well as all shops open by one and I shifted back to Delhi with my family, bag and baggage in 1984. In 1995 I got a project of setting a herbal unit for Royal Government of Bhutan on behalf of WHO. Then from year 1997 when my only son grow I started looking exploring my trade to International level, which motivates me to cross the Indian boundaries and enter into CIS region. I studied the market over the region and spend lot of time in studying customer requirement, paying capacity, and ailments of area and started HARRISON INTERNATIONAL which has to close due to heavy losses, then in 2001 started Elson LLC at Washington dc USA and started branch at Kyrgyzstan. Today we have a strong marketing network of distributors around the region and have Elson llc kg in Kyrgyzstan, Elson Ukraine in Ukraine, Elson Pharma in Tajikistan, Elson Tashkent in Uzbekistan and soon opening at Kazakhstan, Ajarbaijan and Russia. We are known as one of the few reputed global pharma trading company in this region and big companies r everyday approaching us to be distributor cum marketer far them.

Q. 3 How was your experience while doing the project in Bhutan..?
Ans. 3 I had given a project by WHO New Delhi to set up a unit for manufacturing traditional medicines far the Royal Government of Bhutan .which was given as per WHO GMP NORMS and Necessary training was given to the staff for operating this unit. (Certificate of appreciation issued by the Ministry of Health, Government of Bhutan

Q. 4. Tell us about the manufacturing facilities & the R& D set up of Elsonllc..?

Ans. 4. We are largely into importing medicines of renowned companies of India like Cipla, Hamdard Wakf Laboratories, Himalaya chemical and pharmaceutical, Vinayaka pure drugs, and others. Inspite of this we have our own formulation set up under Harasha Pharma Pvt Ltd. Our products are being manufactured in ISO 9001; 2000, and WHO GMP certified plant located in India. Recently European Union certification body certifies our manufacturing facility. Research& development department is headed by senior postgraduate doctor having more than 15 years of experience in reputed industries, along with team of qualified personnel in all disciplines viz pharmacologist, pharmacist, clinicians, scientist, microbiologists and is equipped with all modern equipments for related activities and testing. We also utilize certain testing laboratories, for specific testing and do collaborate with premier institute located in India. Based on the feed back of marketing department we take up new projects. A team of qualified and experienced personnel is engaged in the maintaining of quality in the products being manufactured in the company. Quality control Personnel are engaged in collecting samples of all raw materials enters in the company, during all stages of manufacturing, during packaging, and finished products testing

Q. 5 Tell us about your family.

Ans. 5. I have 4 daughters and one son. My son Manav Singla is handling marketing operations on behalf of HPPL(Harasha Pharma Pvt Ltd) sister concern of Elsonllc.While my elder daughter Naina Arora is running an advertising agency by the name “The mask’ with her husband in Delhi. My younger daughter Taru MBA, PHD is handling Elson’s Administration and finance. My other two daughters “Aashima & Niharika are studying. My wife Smt. Sandhya Singla is managing director of Harasha Pharma Pvt Ltd as well as a social activist and handling responsibility as a zonal president, Mahila mandal for BJP.in west delhi.