Rocking Rave recently landed 280 youngsters behind the bars
Rahul | 26 Mar 2007

The all-night extravaganza came to a halt and left the party animals shell shocked with the sudden police raid. Innocent or guilty, all had to pay a heavy price for their presence at the venue. Since a large number of adolescents were involved, it has cre

 “Why such hue and cry over the entire issue? Complete thing is been blown out of proportion. Hope it’s not another opportunity for police to squeeze money from the pockets of the youth. Instead of putting the whole crowd behind the bars, I think peddlers should have been detained instantly”, says Ashish Kumar Singh, a student of leading Mass Communication Institute.
Nevertheless, the real buzz is not if police looks upon it as yet another prospect to earn quick bucks, it has raised the question as why should everybody be condemned just by their sheer presence in the ‘free party’. According to Mohammad Moosa, a student from Oman, he doesn’t justify the stand taken by police and believes strongly that the organizers rather than the goers held captive.
However, that might not be the opinion of the rest who staunchly believe that 280 youngsters held guilty are in no way innocent. “Of course, if the messages were flashed through networking sites it is apparent that the goers were well aware of the happening in advance”, says Kanika Dhawan, a Postgraduate student. In view of the fact that such parties are occurring all over and word of mouth is the means used to spread information, it surely puts the cops at the edge – she added.
Such parties are not alien to Indian youth, they are all around us. Thanks to the modern day networking system, internet is fast bridging the gap between information dissemination sending across the invitations to these parties with ease. Reciting her personal experience with a friend falling prey to one such party, Anannya Chatterjee , Bachelor’s student, confides “These parties are very common to my native place Kolkata since these parties are held in closed knit circles the transpirations within are known to all hence anyone pleading innocence is out of question. I strongly favor the stand taken by Police.”
Furthermore disposable time and disposable money can be attributed to squandering away of the resources. It is noteworthy that most of the people convicted are coming from affluent families. Pallavi Pawar, a Management student, states that the celebration of Holi by indulging into such parties is utterly improper. She reiterates that this move by the police is completely justified.
Anyhow it seems enough to sound an alarm and wake up the society to such unfortunate events unfolding with each passing day. The dilemma still lies in the question about the future of the captives.