Rotten politics and our society
Samiya Anwar | 17 Apr 2009

All human relationships have political essence. The society is rotten and also the politics inside it. If in need, take advice from others. Not necessary you use it. But no harm in trying out seeking help from the people you trust. The primary solution t

Can we live without talking to people? No. we cannot. We all know that it is next to impossible. Here come society and the existence of members who dwell into it. We’re part of society. Isn’t it? We aren’t guest here. Aren’t we? According to Aristotle, Man is by nature a political animal. But many think that Politics is irrelevant to their lives. I don’t agree with them. Where is not politics? It is everywhere in every field. Reality hits the head. But politics is in everyone’s lives indeed.

Politics is a complex phenomenon. It is a dirty game. Either you have to PLAY IT or GET USED TO IT. It cannot be separated out of our lives. It has been observed in all human group interactions, including homes, offices, education, media and else everywhere. It is mixed in our lives like quantity of salt in our food. Some people think it is only political leaders running the system who are in politics not themselves. But no. we all are part of political tactics in the vein of the society.


It is no surprise to me when Jaya (name changed), a bank employee complained about her elder sibling trying to be two-facedness with her on continuing job in personal and also sham her husband to stop her going out of the house soon after marriage. She couldn’t understand the double standards of his brother who is he a slave of his spouse. There have been a constant politics in the house. The insecurity breed and the husband and wife developed misunderstanding. This called for help to the couple. It is not just with Jaya, most of the houses are filled with political monsters. People attack right on the faces. Beyond predictions the rifts between the members is deep and raw. The rifts never heal fully and the family drama continues. They just meet at social gatherings and get-togethers to pretend as a family. But nothing is subtle in the paradise. There is always trouble and many things locked inside the bottle.


Very often people want to debunk the personal matters of others. When I was in school I observed steadily my Chemistry teacher always throwing mud on my friend by calling him son of blacksmith. He was poor and pays the tuition fee late every term. It is not his mistake that he was born to a blacksmith and others to some highly educated and professional persons. It always touched me. The teacher’s duty is to teach and not to point a finger at any section of the people.


Nevertheless, these are small quibbles about politics into my perspective. This is an insane world. It is full of people who are overzealous, or use the power of authority as for the wrong purpose. The toughest in all areas is corporate life. With the economic slowdown and no guarantee jobs, frequent hire and fire without any specific reason.  If you want to move up the corporate ladder, you must know the political tactics. It can make or break your career, because many sleepless nights one faces with the on-going politics in the offices. In some companies, playing corporate politics is the only job few people have and you become silent victim of the selfish vultures. You were paid for doing some work and you get involve into the other.

When few people gain control over you, life becomes frustrating alike living in Hell. One needs to acknowledge that corporate politics play a role in success. Learn to manage any situation you come across and build professional network. Like how Suresh (name change) working in MNC was fired from the job after giving important two years of his life to the company. He was called in the office and given a pink slip suddenly. Thanks to the professional network and group of people he worked in the past he was called in the previous company and he has a job now. Not all can be fortunate but the professional network he maintained acted as a SAFETEY NET in times of crises.

The society is full of good and bad people. It is like swimming with sharks. Playing politics is not all bad. It acts as a guide and helps to learn. It is a key to survival in the cruel world. A boss can be IDIOT or a LIAR, he is the boss. If you have to work in the company, you need to show some respect and win through impressive skills. In case of any worst scenario be preparing for the worst helps, and hope for the best.

It is hilarious to note the present day’s NEWS channels creating so much hype and stereotype questions in the minds of thousands of people. Media should serve the society. But the POLITICS and MEDIA go hand-in-hand. With the election season as political parties start media for themselves and utilize it for their own selfish ends. The leaders talk more and act less, same is with the media. They don’t really solve the problem, they make an issue of every petty thing for hours making breaking news at every newspaper and TV channels. The role of the media is very much narrowed. It is unfair not to highlight the public with important issues and keep repeating the Cinema news, bollywood gupshups, box-office hits and lows, etc. Also it won’t be anonymous to say that it is we, the people who love the more exaggerated news and interesting programmes like Sansani on Star News. However the media should educate the general public and bring out the sufferings from them by applying awareness to their problems.

Remember, all human relationships have political essence. The society is rotten and also the politics inside it.  If in need, take advice from others. Not necessary you use it. But no harm in trying out seeking help from the people you trust. The primary solution to the problem is to RECOGNISE it, PLAY it, also GET USED TO it. There is always a political friction around you everywhere. So best of luck!