RTC employees withdrawn stir after govt.s conceded demands
Narendra Ch | 14 May 2015

The striking APSRTC employees from both the Telugu states today decided to call off their week-long strike following fruitful discussions on the demands with the government. The indefinite strike today reached eight day. Both the governments conceded to their main demands.

 While Andhra Pradesh state government agreed for 43 per cent fitment benefit, the Telangana state government conceded for 44 per cent fitment benefit. Incidentally, the employees demanded only 43 per cent pay hike.
Though there would not be hike in passenger charges as this hike would burden  them to the extent of  Rs 900 crore, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhr Rao indicated there would be marginal increase in fares.
AP cabinet sub committee earlier in the day held discussions with RTC unions and chief minister directly held talks with agitation union leaders in Telangana. Chandrasekhar Rao stating that RTC is in very bad position, he said hereafter a separate budget would be presented for the Corporation.
Speaking to media after discussing with the RTC unions, AP minister K. Atchannaidu said that the discussions were fruitful and the strike had almost ended.  He said that due to financial problems, the state government is at great risk in providing required financial assistance to the Corporation.
Earlier in the day, expressing anger over APSRTC union employees ignoring the its directive  to call off the strike by APSRTC employees unions, the vacation bench of the High Court  of Hyderabad issued notices to DGPs of  Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to make sure that RTC Buses run with security measures.
The High Court also directed both the state governments to make alternative arrangements to operate bus services for the commuters and take appropriate actions against the RTC employees if they obstruct the bus services. The Court also asked the government to serve show cause notice to RTC unions under the Section 12, if they ignore the directives issued to them once again.