RTI Activist, Chandra Mohan Sharma's charred body was found inside his car.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 04 May 2014

RTI activist, Chandra Mohan Sharma's charred body was found inside his car last night after passersby informed the police that the vehicle caught fire, a police official said.

Sharma was an employee at Honda car company and he was returning home last night after duty, one of his relatives said.
Sharma's body was charred beyond recognition and his relatives identified the body today, according to police.
Sharma's relatives alleged he was murdered and he was getting threatening calls from the mafia whose deed he had exposed through RTI.
Law and order situation is very bad in U.P. Crime is rampant also and police do not take complaint due to political pressure as criminals are in very close relation with the politicians. So they are very bold to do anything and no one dares them. Whole establishment supports them and police fails to act. If anyone takes up cudgels on behalf of ordinary people against them, he is eliminated like Mr. Sharma.  However,
Police should try  to investigate in what all deals he had sought information through RTI and we are sure to get the accused if taken up seriously, though that would be main stumbling block. Car company employee dying in a car mishap and that too due to fire is bit strange and suspicious to say the least.