Rule is a Rule to be obeyed and followed seriously
John F Williams | 23 Dec 2011

Property of Corrupted Officials be confiscated

THE LOKPAL and Lokayukta Bills are on the verge of its finalization by our Parliament before each Member of   Parliament wishes each other a Happy .  We hope that with the introduction of the New Bill there may be repeat may be a certain check/control on the Corruption but not completely. It is next to impossible to make our Mahan Country India free from this incurable   Disease named 'Corruption’.

 Later after the Bill is approved by both the Houses, there should be a very strict control in monitoring of the Act/ Bill constantly. Any Babu /Official or even a Minister if caught in a Corruption case, his/ her Immovable Property even may be confiscated to recover the amount of loss to the Exchequer thus affected in the process.

Even need be the total claim can still be made good from the Beneficiaries of the deceased Official / Babu. Let there   be no mercy on this accord. Even the Pensioners should not be spared in case they    were later found involved in a corrupt case while active in the service. A part or in full the Pension proportionately be recovered from their Pension.

 Our Judiciary must make a sincere effort in their verdict / findings to make up the losses made to the Exchequer   directly/indirectly. They should remain unbiased in all such cases. Rule is a Rule to be obeyed and followed seriously irrespective of the Status of the corrupted individual.