Safety aspect Indian Railways should get big importance in the future
Vishnu Mohan | 28 Jun 2014

The recent accident of Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express points out that safety aspect is not given its due importance by Indian Railways. Going by press reports, once a while, rail accidents do take place in different parts of the country. Reasons are similar or sometime different. Therefore, it is time, big importance is given to the safety aspect of Indian Railways in the future. At least the following five issues need improvement from its present form:

  • Efforts should be on to either drastically minimize or totally eliminate all those crossing points of railway tracks which are either not manned at all or manually manned at places.  Electronic manning to the extent possible should fine favour in all these junctions.
  • All traffic signals should be electronically done by eliminating all other types of signals.
  • Inspection van to check railway tracks and other essentials should be run periodically throughout the country and their reports checked out properly during all traffic hours of the railways.
  • Just like airports, railways should plan to introduce check in for both male and female passengers of their belongings including suit cases for enhancing the security aspect.
  • Efforts should be on to introduce materials used inside bogies/compartments which would act as successful fire resistant ensuring that fire safety gets a solid boost inside all coaches and compartments in the future.. 

Basing expert's advice, more and more safety aspects should be introduced both in technical aspect as well as non technical aspect. 

Hoping the above favours consideration at the right quarters.