Safety related equipments should be expanded for usage by different labour class of people
Vishnu Mohan | 19 Jun 2014

Local labour or a migrant labour, both are offering invaluable services to the society. From economics angle, from A to Z, starting from the manufacture of a hair pin or just a pin to the manufacture of a luxury car / metro rail coaches / airplanes and so on, the services offered by labour class of people and through their midas touch such achievements on economics front are becoming a reality.

From safety view point, if these class of people can be secured better, all efforts should be put together to get these done.  For example, in one instance, we often come across lamp posts in different parts of the country.  A closer look would reveal that these lamp posts are indeed painted  at places with silver colour shining paint. 

The other day, I was looking at a labour doing this painting job at ease without any proper safety cover or net; he was sitting on the top of the lamp post and with one hand holding on to the lamp post for support and with the other painting the lamppost with a brush from the paint box holding through his neck.  On a small wooden plank he was trying to sit while doing this job.  Besides these, there were no additional safety equipments for him to handle or use while doing his job.

It would be nice if debates are initiated to introduce more and more safety equipments for labor class of people like the above.  Experts can come out with different safety devices all aiming at improving the working standards of these classes of people.  I am sure, from safety view point, every worker or a labor would enjoy doing his job all the more pleasing if more and more safety related equipments are in place for these classes of people. 

Concerned quarters can do well do debate the above issue for expanding the safety network by introducing more and more safety related equipments for working class of people like labour or a migrant labour to make his working conditions more secure.