Sahara: The Untold Story, written by acclaimed journalist Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Niilesh A Raje | 19 Jun 2014

Jaico Publishing House is proud to announce the launch of Sahara: The Untold Story, written by acclaimed journalist Tamal Bandyopadhyay. Mr. M. Damodaran, former Chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India launched the book in Mumbai. Dr. K.C. Chakarabarty, former Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India, also graced the occasion.

This book could have been released earlier but for the fact that Sahara India Pariwar had moved Calcutta High Court in December, got a stay on its publication, and slapped a `200 crore defamation suit against Bandyopadhyay and the Publisher.
The stay was vacated and the suit was withdrawn in April, following a settlement between the author and the
Sahara group, paving the path for its publication. In accordance with the terms of the settlement, the book carries
a Disclaimer given by the Sahara group which says the book has "defamatory content" and "insinuations" but the
group is allowing its publication because of its "respect for a journalist's freedom".
This is Bandyopadhyay's second book. His first book, A Bank for the Buck, was a non-fiction best seller. Releasing
that book in November 2012, then finance minister of India, Mr. P. Chidambaram had said, "In a period of great
financial illiteracy, it's refreshing to have a book written by somebody very literate about matters relating to
finance. There is so much financial illiteracy around us that it is refreshing that we have Tamal Bandyopadhyay's
book and I hope that many aspiring financial journalists and perhaps even many established financial journalists
will follow his example and write with great concern for the truth and greater concern for what really matters in
the financial world."
The latest book is based on painstaking research and interviews with a cross section of professionals across the
country to demystify India's most secretive and largely unlisted conglomerate that has 4,799 establishments and
businesses under 16 verticals in its fold and is the second largest employer in the country after Indian Railways. It
has excelled in raising money from millions of people through different financial instruments over decades and
courted endless controversies.
Sahara: The Untold Story strives to answer everything you wanted to know about Subrata Roy and Sahara India
Pariwar but were afraid to ask.
The book hit the stands last Friday, 6th June, and there has been overwhelming response to it. It is available across
all cities in India as well as online portals. E-book and Kindle versions are also available.
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