Salman Khan - Defence of Tyre Burst
Capt (IN) J.K. Sharma | 08 May 2015

The Hon. Bombay High Court Judge while hearing the appeal of Salman Khan Verdict asked, "When did the theory of tyre burst come up?"

Well without going into the fact as to when this theory came up, I will like to submit that poor innate tyre on whose shoulders the 'Theory of Defence' will be burdened that it had 'failed its master, in discharging its duties' has no voice for self defence.

The 'Tyre can not be allowed to speak in self defence. If the Tyre was allowed to speak as material evidence, it might have stated:-

"My Lord, I was always well looked after. I know I am a very rich man's servant. I was always in a happy and healthy state. But, if my master can be saved by forcing on my shoulder the burden of 'bursting' ; it will act like double edged sword. On one side, I would be seen to have gone beyond the call of my duty to help my Master, save his interests in the Court of Law. On the other hand, before the God, I will be charged with having not discharged my duty diligently and I can be punished for dereliction of my duty."

Which ever way it goes in court of law, after all this is a case of an innate tyre. It does not have any voice. Hope some one listens to Tyre's pleading.