Sambalpur region suffers from state's apathy
sharukh mishra | 07 Jan 2011

The western part of orissa that is Sambalpur region is subjected to step motherly attitude of Orissa government. Here is a story how water is being diverted to industries at the cost of irrigation and electricity generation in western orissa.

SUMMER IS is the cruelest season in the year and frequent power cut in summer make the problem grave. The situation became acute when power cuts are resorted to wantonly and that is what is happening in western Orissa.
The Hirakud Dam which was made for irrigation and generation of electricity has gone kaput. In fact the faulty policies of the state government have brought it to a condition of jeopardy. There is much water to be utilized for generation of electricity but this is deliberately not done rather the water is given to the industries grown nearby.
Blind in the love of industrialization the government has instructed the authorities in charge of Hirakud Dam to divert water to industries. When this conscious student of Sambalpur University, Jayadev Kar asked about the topsy-turvy, “we have to obey the diktat” the authority concerned replied. Many times it so happens that the Sambalpur University remains without electricity for hours together, whereas the industries nearby get electricity 24 hours.
This is sheer injustice inflicted upon the poor students of this solitary university which has a litany of ramification. Not only the students of Sambalpur University but also the entire district of Sambalpur, Balangir, Bargarh, Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Sundargarh, Nuapada and kalahandi suffer from this apathy where the mercury hovers around 450-50 0 Celsius in summer. 
The Dam should produce 475 megawatt power from its Hirakud and Chiplima centre. Alas…! It could. But now in this summer not a single day both the centres jointly have produced more than 50 megawatt.
One point should be made here clear that the Dam was constructed in order to control floods, to provide irrigation facilities, electricity generation and fisheries. But now the Dam has gone astray from its desired objectives and diverting water to industries illegally has become the prime objective, forcing the farmers, students, and professionals of this moorland alike to bite the dust.
Flow meters have been fitted to know how much water is gone for irrigation purposes at Bargarh canal, Sasan canal, Sambalpur canal and Hirakud canal.
But ironically no such meters have been fitted near the intake well of various companies like Vedanta, Bhusan, Hindalco and other sponge iron industries. Due to this palpable tension is mounting in this area. If this foul practice is not stopped at the earliest possible then people may vent their anger at any time.