Sant Nirankari Mission is largest volunteer blood donor, donates 75000 units every year
HARISH DIDO | 14 Jul 2014

Sant Nirankari Mandal – a largest volunteer organization in India, today organized Blood Donation Camp at Nirankari Bhawan in the border town Ferozepur which was inaugurated by Zonal Incharge, H.S.Chawla at the local Nirankari Bhawan, in association with Civil Hospital.

In all,165 devotees of Nirankari Mission donated the blood to be deposited in the Blood Bank for the needy persons.  A team of Civil Hospital doctors headed by Dr.Pardeep Aggarwal, SMO managed the blood donation camp in a very neat and clean atmosphere.

Speaking on this occasion, H.S.Chawla, Zonal Incharge, Nirankari Mission said, the blood donation is above all other donations. We should 'love all and hate none' and instead of wasting the blood on roads, disputes and wars, it should flow in the veins of human-beings who need it while under treatment with the various hospitals.

Dr.Pardeep Aggarwal also highlighted the importance of blood donation, its need and who can donate.  Blood is not manufactured in any factory, it is the only human being, who produce it and can donate to other need persons.

He further said, Sant Nirankari Missions is the largest volunteer blood donation institutions and organizing blood donation camps since 1986.  Every year on April 26, 100 blood donations camps are organized on a single day in different cities in the country.  About 450 camps are organized in a year and about 75000 units of blood are donated by the devotees of the mission.

On this occasion, S.S.Gill, Darshan Kanda, Mohinder Singh, Gurmit Singh, Kewal Popli, Surjit Singh, Ram Singh and prominent citizens along with NGOs were present.