Sarvojana to celebrate their achievements as well to reflect upon their journey
Satbir Singh Bedi | 27 Feb 2015

Sarvojana, is a small coalition of NGOs/CBOs in South India, which used the capabilities approach to design and implement a pilot project to raise awareness among women in sex work (2012-2014).

The project has inspired the women as well as all others involved, and they plan to celebrate their achievements as well reflect upon their journey. They have planned a 3-day meeting in Kalahasti, near Tirupathi. They invite you to this celebration on the 8th March 15 and will be deeply honoured if you could be with them, at Sreenilayam-WINS Resource Centre, Near Thottampedu PHC, Srikalahasti,Chittoor District.

They believe your presence is important for two reasons. First, this is probably the first time in India, and perhaps elsewhere, that the approach has been used on the ground to design and implement a project to empower women. Although they, like many others in India and around the world, have worked with women in sex work for many years, their interventions have largely been designed within the broader framework of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and human rights.

Infection rates in this community have fallen sharply over the years but the extent to which women themselves have been empowered to pursue their core values is less clear. Violence and discrimination against the women, both by the state, and within communities and families continues, and women have consistently reported a deeply unsatisfactory personal relationships. In this context, they found that the impact of the capabilities approach has been dramatic and has deeply influenced their own understanding of the development process. They wish to share this experience with you.

Second, they believe that the approach can and should be used more widely by many others in development. However, they are a small group and lack the capacity to generate the necessary visibility and influence. Your presence with help greatly.