Satire-Kolkata way
Jagdish Rawtani | 24 Dec 2011

We are bothered about trifles but not life. What is more important? Here's a poem that identifies this swing and pull of priorities.

Death keeps no calender
Not even in Calcutta, Sorry, Kolkatta

Fire  in   hospital,   more  than  hundred   lost  their  lives
some left children orphaned some made widows their wives.

Govt straightway  says  it is not responsible
No   authority  is  even   made   answerable

Hospital  views  it as  one  unfortunate  accident
New power thrown onus on previous Government
They greedy for 34 years were always negligent

Where in Calcutta
No Baba Kolkatta

Let us respect our language and its accent
It should always sound  dignified and decent

Six  year  innocent boy  says  happily,  wiping  out his  mothers   tears
You will not be beaten anymore, along with baaba have gone your fears

She suppresses but flow of tears goes faster
Life to  an  Indian widow  looks  now darker

Hooch has taken away husband along with hundred more
Pathetic News highlighted but for a few  days  on the fore

Here  again starts  blame  game
Excuses given are all very  lame

Where in Calcutta
No no say Kolkatta
Learn something from Maharashtrians

It is important to know pronunciation correct
Because our very entity it is going to protect

God, I do not  possess your address otherwise I would drop
and ask what prompts you to quickly  cut some of your crop

He was just 21 day old and you called him back
sympathy, Mamta, mercy you almighty  also lack

See how  much pain  the  grieved  have  endured
No sympathy no compensation has been assured

May I humbly ask what is this, design or default ?
You  say  it  was  not  your   but sweepers  fault

You are also desirous of saving your entity and , therefore,  playing  blame game
Knowing not what is more important (language,entity or life) I am sunk into shame

By Jagdish Rawtani