"Scarlett Keeling" and some views.
Sumantra Maitra | 09 Mar 2008

              The recent case of the death of a british teenager in goa got shadier. A second autopsy was done on Scarlett Eden Keeling's body,on saturday in goa medical college hospital. The doctor's conducting the autopsy confirmed that scarlett was indeed murdered,contrary to the police statement earlier that the death was due to drowning. The panel of three doctors also said that though they could not comfirm rape, at that moment, but signs of strong sexual assault was evident from the vaginal injuries. Atleast 50 bruises and abrasions were recorded in her body, as contrary to 5, claimed by the goa police surgeons. Since scarlett's barely clad body was recovered from anjuna beach, there has been a range of accusations, against the goa police for trying to cover up. Scarlett's incensed mother Fiona mackown refused to take the body from the goverment morgue and threatened to sue the police for a cover up. Even as the result of the second autopsy report was presented to the magistrate, the police held up to their drowning theory, blaming the media for blowing the matter out of proportions. IGP Kishan kumar claimed that police was conducting the second autopsy because they were not satisfied with the first one....decidedly an "oh-so-smart" statement. 
              In the last two years more than one hundred and twenty six foreign tourists have died in goa, dusting its myth as a popular peaceful tourist destination. The death of scarlett keeling is only the latest addition to the crime scene of goa which is throwing up a variety of the sorts to welcome tourists, and giving them options to choose from rape, drug abuse and peddling, molestation and paedophilia. Whether the foreigners are attracted to India or India is attracted to foreigners has come under debate. (Fair skin evidently "tastes" better!). The goan police, has 68 tourist police to mark the beach as against 5 lakh visiting the place every year, not a brilliant ratio to be satisfied by commoners. But not to worry, it all depends on whether the police are satisfied, and trust me, they are satisfied. They are happy to throw the responsibility on the shoulders of foreigners, for the drug abuse crimes and subsequent sexual molestation(in case of a female) and forced peddling(for males). But why do the drug peddlers are there at the first place? Ah...thats not a question to be asked I guess. "Foreign tourists are not to point the fingers as they follow a differnt dresscode and culture", this seems to be the prevalent psyche of the cops.
            Coming to the politicians,the goan politicians are in in a state of perpetual confusion. They actually do not know what to say, whom to blame, and most importantly what can be the next and effective course of action. One day they are lambasting the tourists for their "frivolous" lifestyle, other days they are threatening the criminals. But their favourite villain is...yeah,no prize for guessing...the media. They pass their inbetween times by spitting venom on the media, as if the media is the cause for all. The govt. machinery, which works with a speed which makes the arctic jellyfish look like a formula one wheely, have atlast woken up, and demanded strong action against the police and the doctors involved in the first post mortem. Goan tourism minister mr. Francesco pacheo said that he "apprehended" (thankfully) the dubious role of the police and suspects vested interested and foul play(come on...we dont need holmes for that now,do we?)
             Last but not the least, not a single NGO or RIGHTS organisation came out with anything. Their capability seems to be centered around Televised lectures, coffee shows, Taslima nasreen, and for the not so popular ones, some candle light march and road side postering and festoons and rabble rousing for bogus causes. Talk about hypocrisy? Sometimes cynics wonders.