School management questioned
Gurpreet kaur | 02 May 2009

Gone are the days when schools were looked upon as havens of knowledge. Nowadays, more and more schools are becoming famous, not for their teaching but for the injustices done by the staff unto the students. The following is one such instance

SCHOOLS ARE the temples of education, the safest places after our homes but not in Delhi. A few days ago, Akriti, a student of Modern School, Delhi, had died because of the carelessness of the management. Now, one more such incident has occurred in the same school.

The school, its teachers and the management, are once again under the scanner in the Zeenat suicide case. Zeenat, a student of standard VII, committed suicide after receiving a threat from the school. Zeenat had been accused of stealing Rs 130 in the school. After she was caught, she was told by the principal that she would be given a transfer certificate and would have to leave the school. When Zeenat went to school the next day, she wasn’t allowed to sit in the class. The young girl was unable to face this embarrassment and took it to her heart, which led her to take such a drastic decision.

Her parents were not called to school, and neither did she undergo any counselling. Zeenat’s parents are in shock. In the meantime, the principal says that all this is false.

Now who will repay the loss of the family? How will the family get its daughter back? None of us has an answer to this question. My only hope is that our schools become the same as they used to be earlier, places where one went to learn, and not to end up like Zeenat.