Scottish High School celebrates its 12th Foundation Day
Damini Dawar | 22 Nov 2016

Highlanders put up Gravitas Musica an astounding show of Singing, Music and Dance to commemorate the twelfth Foundation Day, of their eternal Alma-Mater.

The capacious coliseum welcomed a passel of eminent guests and parents to witness the sprightly pageantry.

The celebration commenced with scintillating presentation of the melodious school choir who spoke of the abundance of energy and the need to care for the stars of the future through a potpourri of songs that were inspirational as well as devotional and were undoubtedly foot tapping. The melodious singing by the choir and dancing by the troupe comprising Special Needs Highlanders defined the absorbing session for the awestruck audiences.

The Session saw the release of 'Highwriter -- 2016' the Annual School Magazine by Ms. Natali.

In his speech the Chairman of the school, Dr. Kartikay Saini dwelled on the spirit of grit and determination instilled in the Highlanders that has resulted in phenomenal achievements at Scottish High. These two virtues will lead the highlanders and enable the system overcome limitations of time and thereby become a perennial, indomitable and eternal source of learning and excellence.

This was followed by a riveting ebullience of Singing, Dance, Music and Drama which literally kept the mesmerized audiences spell bound. The show that showcased the eras and genres of world music was indeed a roller coaster of a ride with its troughs of somber Rabindra Sangeet and the crests of the rolling Pop and Disco. It had Lambarda of Spain and Moon Walk of Michael Jackson and the beats of Bhangra and the Barritone of Kishore. Each twist and twirl was applauded as the commodious theatre reverberated with echoes of rapturous laudations from the appreciative gathering, sincere with their spontaneity.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Masters of Ceremonies.