Secret of FOUR walls
Placida Dsouza | 07 Dec 2017

Our earth is round. We enjoy the beauty of our mother land the seas, the mountains, the hills, the rivers, the fresh breeze, the birds and many many more beautiful things that exist on our earth. Its simply beauuuuuuutiful.

On this earth earlier people used to have their dwellings on the river banks itself. A place to breath in an open air. Everything natural, pure and fresh. In the due course of time slowly everything started changing. With the occurrence to wheather there was a need for shelter to protect one from rain, wind and storm .

People starting addressing this shelter as HOME and this home was made of FOUR WALLS. When we say home means we know we are talking about four walls with an opening to get into it. FOUR WALLS further included school, colleges office etc. So today anything and everything has has four walls and a door to let in.

If we emphasis on this four walls and an opening to let in, its becomes a closed room. Close office, close school. Basically a secret place behind the wall where nobody knows what happening on the other side of the wall. The four walls which symbolized home was then becoming a place for good things and evil things. Good things meaning growing and living with a family but now these so called four walls are become more and more like a secretive places for doing all kind of destructive things and there is not one to name but so many of them which leads to unlawfull things.

For instance if we think of lodges which are not home but a four wall where all illegal things happen ie. The use of it by teenagers and those extra marital affairs or business, and there can be so many illegal things.

FOUR WALL is called protection but could also turn out to be disaster to somebody's future.