Secret of success
GAYATRI ARORA | 11 Feb 2011

Now there is no need to worry,as here are some secrets of success,which surely will help you out..now 'success follows success' now be ready to crown yourself with success by following some of the simple ways.

NOTHING IS impossible. Anything and everything is possible for a person who believes and acts. We can surely and certainly soar to super success if only we think and believe that we can definitely and positively attain success. Napoleon and Lincoln, Gandhiji and Churchill, Roosevelt and Lenin, Edison and Marconi, Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci, Ford and Rockefeller have been mortals and normal men who with their extraordinary prowess won over the world. If they can do so, anybody can.

The secret of the dictum "Success follows success" is the combination of knowledge and effort. Ideas rule the world and knowledge is power. One of the biggest secrets is to follow knowledge, success will automatically follow. To achieve results even the most brilliant ideas should be translated into action by systematic,sustained and dedicated effort. Without effort,our ideas will gather dust,get rusted and go to fritter or waste. The success stories of toppers illustrate that they used intelligence and knowledge to achieve the coveted goals.

Success starts and grows with you will power, sooner or later, the man who wins is the man, who thinks and believes he can. Hence,the strength of your will power ultimately spells your success. With a firm will,you can face any obstacle or challenge and win optimism and hope,you can crown yourself with success.

Sucess is not merely a question of luck or genius. It mostly depends on hard work and the ability to persist,despite odds,temporary setbacks and adverse circumstance as "kites fly against the wind, and not with the wind".