See that children avoid Internet
Vinod Anand | 09 Feb 2012

In the present times, internet has become quite popular. Most of the grow-up children spent most of their time on internet.

IN THE present times, Internet has become quite popular. Most of the grow-up children spent most of their time on internet. There are many cases where these children see the 'dirty' sites and have fun. Experts say there are many parents who try to control, or at least monitor, their children's online activities. But their curiosity is often in conflict with their child's need for privacy.

Parents are growing anxious because they have no idea what their children are doing online. For most, the Internet is still fairly alien, and the lack of understanding makes them more intrusive. Many teenaged daughters don?t have the freedom to spend long hours on the Internet alone.

Parents do not give them lap- tops, so they have to work on the system in the parent's room. They should have an open relation with their children, so they don?t mind. There?s a balance of discipline and candour. However, parents shouldn't try too hard to be open-minded, feel experts. Many parents try to be friends with their children, but they need to be 'friendly parents'. Children already have enough friends. All they want is a parent who will listen to them without judging them. Parents who keep tabs on their children's online profiles are also not fair because it is impossible to supervise at all times, and banning the Internet is not a feasible option either. It's best to build a rapport based on mutual trust. Parents shouldn't try to peep into their child's world as children can turn aggressive and defiant if their privacy is invaded. Till the time they don't notice any change in their child's behaviour parents should trust the child. By familiarizing themselves with Face book and other social networking sites, parents can develop a better understanding of their children's online activities.