Self regulated food vendors offering food at subsidized rates are doing good to the society
Vishnu Mohan | 03 Nov 2014

Some state Governments provide subsidized foods to its citizens at select places and at time that such moves become news item. However, there are number of road side food vendors who sell their food at subsidized rates, on their own, going by the logic of making thin profit. Such vendors are indeed doing a good to the society.

A few of them are listed below:

In the State of Gujarat, at some places Vada Paav costs only Rs. 5/- each. This stuff is basically a loaf of bread and in between there is a stuff known as Vada which is made out of smashed potatoes soaked in besan batter which is roasted in cooking oil. Sugarcane juice is also sold at Rs. 5 per cup at some places.

In the State of Maharashtra, the same Vada Paav at some places costs Rs. 7/- each. Sweet lime juice is sold for Rs. 4/- per glass at some stations.

In the State of Orissa, at some places, the cost of five idlis with chutney is Rs.10/- per plate.

In the State of UP, at some places, the cost of a thali consisting of two big sized naans (with butter paste) along with four side dishes including lentil dhal, curd, one curry and pickles costs Rs. 20 per thali.

Regular customers of the above vendors include auto rickshaw drivers, truck drivers, daily wage earners, hawkers community, general every day passing by traveller, and so on.

The above class of vendors can be classified as self regulated food vendors who offer food at subsidized rates. Their service to society is invaluable because through them huge number of people benefit by eating at subsidized rates. Such vendors can do even better with some recognition and support coming their way from concerned quarters.