Seminar recommends ‘back to basics’ for teaching elementary school science
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 11 Apr 2014

In the two one-day seminars of science teachers held in Pune’s Hutchings and Kline High Schools on April 8 and 9, the participants recommended that there was a need to reconcile the process-based nature of science and pedagogy as science of teaching and learning to let children ‘do science’ and understand the basic concepts of science at the elementary school level.

The participants were of the view that at the elementary school level science, the glamour of digital and print technology needs to be avoided and hands-on activity-based science learning stressed. The children needed to be given the first-hand experiences with the readily available materials and learning expeditions in the real life situations in their immediate environment within the classroom, school and neighborhood.

In another recommendation, the participants suggested that vocabulary of science and learning to draw visual symbols and diagrams should be revived which have been replaced by colorful and detailed three-dimensional pictures which ‘adorn’ the textbooks currently. The two-dimensional line drawing to represent visual readily of the science concept should be to the centre-stage.

In the light of the recommendations of the seminar sponsored by Frank Educational Aids and coordinated by Lalit Kishore, this CJ,, the participating teachers agreed to create science activities in the form of simple experiments with qualitative observations and quantities observations with non-standard units to drive home the basic concept of science. For switching over making and labeling line diagrams, the opportunities for pre-diagram experiences in the form of implied and continuous line drawings needed to be imparted to students was agreed upon.