Sexual harassment at workplace violates right to live

The women are victim of different kinds of violence, abuses and harassment, beating, lewd remarks, stalking, staring etc in homes and outside. Sexual harassment badly affects them psychologically, physically, morally and stigmatizes them in the society.



They are not safe any where. The graph of sexual harassment of women at workplaces is rising at an alarming rate. For the prevention and control of this social evil a state level seminar-cum-consultation programme was held by Mahila Jagran Kendra at Gandhi Sangrahalya in Patna recently.


On September 15 a survey report of “Sexual harassment of women at workplaces in Patna” was

released in the “State level consultation”. The report was released by eminent personalities from different walk of life namely : Indira Jena (New Delhi), Supreme Court Advocate Abha Singhal Joshi (New Delhi), Action Aid Programme officer Kirti Ji, and Chairperson of Mahila Jagran Kendra, Ms. Neelu jee.


Indira, Adv. Abha jee, Neelu jee, Kirti jee, Shivani jee and Kanchanbala jee (women activist) shared their bitter experiences in the seminar. SC Adv.Abha presented a power point presentation in very simple way about the causes and prevention of the rising problem of Sexual Harassment at workplaces.


Arya (name changed) a brilliant Assitant Professor of IGMS in the nursing Department told her horrible and tragic story of sexual harassment against Dr Arun Kumar, the director of the IGMS,Patna in the second session of the programme.


It is high time that the government machinery, NGO’s and other civil society actors ensure that employers at all levels and different sectors take cognizance of the fact that this form of crimes against women will not be tolerated any longer.The necessary and statuary systems and mechanisms need to be in place immediately.”said Chief Guest Indira Jena, the women rights activist in the programme.


In the consultation Abha Singhal Joshi, the Supreme Court Advocate and the legal advisor of Aap ki adalat covered the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of women at workplace (prevention,prohibition and redress) Act,2013, the Vishakha Guidelines, other laws realting to sexual harassment and advised that the victims must approach the complaint committee, the employers must ensure that the committee is formed and functional at their organization,the government shall ensure the implementation of the laws.


The sexual harassment at workplaces has become a common phenomena in the last few years as more and more women are joining workforce. Sexual harassment does not only have a bad impact on the individual but also creates a hostile working environment leading to poor performance. Sexual harassment being a part of violence against women, violates “Rights to Life” as enshrined in the Indian Constitution and the UN declarations and various international conventions on gender equity.”said Neelu jee ,the Chirperson of the Mahila Jagran Kendra,Patna in the programme.


How to save daughters in the society?” is one of the greatest unanswered questions before us.The power of protection lies in inside but not inside.Women are esssential part of the society,hence we should respect women in the society.”said Kirti jee programme officer of Actionaid,Patna to this citizen journalist.


The guests and the participants were welcomed by Shaila Parveen.Babita was conducting the whole consultation. At last the vote of thanks was given by Shaila Parveen.