Shaadi! Shaadi! Shaadi!
Heena | 24 Aug 2009

Analysis of indian matrimonial business and comparison with other international wedding web portals.

Find your life partner I am sure most of you, whether single or married, would have gone through the shaadi websites atleast once. welcome debutants who are yet to discover the new heaven on earth. Here is a brief outline of the latest and greatest Shaadi websites.

We believe only very few shaadi web sites out of more than 100 shaadi web sites are worth to discuess here,






I divided these sites in two catogaries. Matrimonial service providers and shaadi ( wedding ) magazine.

shaaditimes.com and shaadispice.com are in second catagory (shaadi magazine) The homepage of Shaadi.com is excellent in its structure, providing the option of searching your soulmate from any religion, community or country. You can either register straightaway (which you have to ultimately, if you want to access more people) or browse through a few pages, to see if interests you. Every profile has information about the person who posted it, about the person itself, their family and most importantly the expectations of their preferred partner (see whether you fit or not). But these are common in all the four web sites shaadi.com, bharatmatrimony.com, jeevansathi.com and ShaadiKaroge.com

Best of the best

The wedding websites serves not only the genuine ones who are searching for everlasting partner, but also those who want to make friends and have some good time. Though the bait of free registration sucks you into the pool, ultimately it makes you a fool, because it comes with very few features like getting to see a sea of unmarried (mostly) bachelors or bachelorette and expressing your interest. But if you are genuinely interested in one of the two, that I earlier mentioned, and then there is no option other than becoming a premium member. If you look at the features of these four web sites, top three has same features the difference is only in the database size while ShaadiKaroge.com has features which put it in a different class of web sites. I believe shaadi.com , bharatmatrimony.com and jeevansathi.com are all Indian sites and don't believe in innovation while ShaadiKaroge.com provides some very cool features which you can expect only from a world class company. I will say they have class of Match.com and features of eharmoney.com , both are world's best websites for singles who are looking for life partner. I feel Shaadi.com , bharatmatrimony and jeevansathi user interface is very old fashioned and seems they did not upgrade in last 5-6 years while ShaadiKaroge.com user interface is very clean but colorful like wedding business. Indian companies still has to learn lot from international business. Look at any Indian bank website and they really sucks while look at any American bank's web sites. We have such a huge pool of IT people but still we have to learn lot in user interface.

Quality to Price ratio is lowest in case of bharat matrimony and then jeevansathi.com and after that Shaadi.com and ShaadiKaroge.com respectively. Shaadi.com and ShaadiKaroge.com provides good value for the money.

ShaadiKaroge.com is so confident about their services they started 30 days money back guarantee. Looks like this competition is heating up. Anyway it's good for the customers like us. So, I wish all of you all the best to your journey through Shaadi. I hope you find your dream comes true. Why won?t it come true. Of course, Marriages are made in shaadi websites like Shaadi.com and ShaadiKaroge.com.

Shaadi Magazine

Shaadispice.com and shaaditimes.com are the only shaadi magazines I feel worth to discuses rest all are not up to the mark. While shaaditimes has information about different topics, ShaadiSpice.com has more entertaining stuff also they have largest database of shaadi vendors or wedding service providers. There you have option to write about the business and can get reply from them if they like. Over all Indian wedding industry is so huge that it can accommodate all these companies.