Shahid Bhagat Singh Statue, near Feroz Shah Kotla to Rajghat
Narendra Ch | 29 Jan 2015

Growing attacks on every democratic space and increasing communal divide through majoritarian political and neo-liberal economic agenda of the ruling forces today are shrill reminders of our failure to live up to the Gandhian ideals as pronounced in the 'Hind Swaraj'. Gandhi is being appropriated and used for narrow political gains and by paying lip services to ideals of truth, non-violence and swaraj.

The inequality in terms of caste, class, gender, religion, region has reached unimaginable levels; every social, legal, ethical right and freedom is under threat; hard-earned acts and laws to ensure basic survival and dignity of people are being snatched away for corporate gains; 'Ordinance Raj' has not only bypassed the parliament but also undermined the Constitution of this Country.

 The current government is implementing the neo-liberal agenda set by previous government and with complete disregard for rights of citizens and established institutions. The spaces of dialogue, debate and dissent which are essential for every democracy are being crushed openly. Undoubtedly, this is not the India of Gandhiji's dreams.

30th January 1948 : the day Gandhiji was assassinated by Nathuram Godse, that day reminds us of the irrelevance of the politics of intolerance and need for politics of and for antim jan.However, since that day, we see his ideas and values being killed everyday.

Today, there is a growing consensus amongst political parties on the Right and Centre about the development model India must follow, which has only widened the gulf between the rich and the poor. India is growing, but at the cost of its majority, its villages, agriculture, forests, small enterprises and so on.

The issues of roti, kapda, aur makan of the majority are being pushed under the carpet and the majoritarianism agenda of the Right is being made as 'the issue' to be addressed and debated. Killers of Gandhi are being idolised, their politics is being propagated while, constitutional values are being undermined.

People's movements have always rejected this politics of neo-liberal market agenda and politics of hate and intolerance. We have worked for decentralised development, for peace, for azaadi, for izzat and samman and will continue to work for the same.