Shahid will not do kissing scene after marriage, other celebs following the same clause
Rajni Verma | 19 Jun 2015

Refraining from intimate scene is one of the clause of those bollywood actors's film contract who believe that the survival of movies doesn't depend on it.

Recently, it rumored that Shahid Kapoor who is going to tie in nuptial knot with Mira Rajput on coming month will not approve even a thought of kissing in any of movie. Possibly, he doesn't want make Mira feel uneasy because of his kissing scene, so, he came up with the decision. However, the news is yet to be confirmed by Shahid Kapoor himself.


Even, Salman Khan is one of them who never agreed to get intimate with his co-star in any of his movie. He even hestiate to be kissed by his co-star but compelled to approve it, if it is highly required in movie. Seems like actors like him put their dignity and principles above everything or any norm.

Although, intimate or kissing scenes is important as somewhere it lead story further but still movie can also perform will on box office without presence of such scenes.

Pakistan actors Fawad Khan is on the very same boat who refused to kiss in movie. Fawad made his bollywood debut with Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat, where one couldn't witness even a single kissing or intimate scene. Further he also refused intimate scenes with Alia Bhatt. Fawad who is more concerned toward his family and about their reaction after watching him in such state, thought of putting his principles over movie useless demand.

Following the same actress Sonakshi Sinha clearly mention in her film contract about her denial to be part of any intimate scene in movie. The Dabaang lady who debuted with Salman Khan in bollywood not at all dither to make her point. Her clear refusal to intimate scenes can be counted as one of her bold decision inspite of the fact that most of actress treat it a way to achieve success.

Heretofore, Kareena kapoor after getting hitched with long time boyfriend Saif Ali Khan refused to be part of any kissing or love making scene. Seems like Shahid kapoor is walking all on the very same pavement.

One cannot say that a thought of refraining himself from kissing or love making scenes strike after marriage only. There are many celebs in bollywood who maintain the same clause since long time and may feel offended if anything make them to break it.