'She was a strong woman; I wanted to kiss her feet'
Satbir Singh Bedi | 31 Aug 2013

When I was an Under Secretary in the Staff Inspection Unit of the Department of Expenditure, a woman in her thirties joined our Unit as Section Officer of the Administration Section. She was so beautiful and attractive as well as decent in her behavior that I was instantly attracted towards her.

Seeing my keen interest in her, my subordinate told me, "Sir, it seems that you like that woman but she is a scheduled caste."

I retorted, "So what, are Scheduled Castes not human beings?"

He smiled and told me, "Sir, she may be a Scheduled Caste but she is a great woman. When she was young in her early twenties, her sister fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. She went to her sister's house and served her as best as she could but could not save her.

When her sister died, she(her sister) left behind two children. So, to look after those two children, this girl married her brother-in-law, the husband of her deceased sister and then she made the greatest sacrifice, a woman could have made.

She got herself sterilized so that she would have no children of her own and would continue to remain devoted to the two children of her sister."

Listening to her story, I suddenly felt a great admiration for her and wanted to kiss her feet. She was indeed a great lady though she would never be famous and nobody would remember her after her death except the two children whom she had brought up at a great sacrifice to herself.