Should masturbation be a crime?
Caleb Ryan | 28 Jun 2012

I recently read an article that was teaching young men and women how to maintain 'self-control'...

I RECENTLY read an article that was teaching young men and women how to maintain "self-control". The article made reference to a guide that would teach the following:

- never touch intimate parts of your body
- avoid being alone as much as possible
- avoid contact with other people who also touch themselves
- not 'admiring' yourself when bathing

The article even said that if you were lying in bed and the temptation to masturbate was overpowereing you that you should (and I am NOT making this up) "get out of bed and go into the kitchen and fix yourself a snack"!

Half-jokingly I thought: is fighting the urge to masturbate leading to obesity in our country?

Masturbation has been around since the cavemen.

It is a natural and healthy act. In fact, in my book, "Masturbation: 100 Creative & Mind Blowing Techniques" by Eve Hanson, I go into great detail about the benefits of masturbation.

One of the topics I address is the fear that wives, and lovers, have about their men masturbating. Some women have shared the following with me:

- "If he loves me why does he need to do that?"
- "I was raised to believ it is a sin."
- "It makes me feel unappreciated."
- "It feels like he is cheating on me!"


 The advice that I give to these women is to realize that most men have masturbated since childhood. It is a normal and natural habit. Men do this for a variety of reasons:

- to release stress
- to appease their erection
- to relax before going to sleep
- and, believe it or not, because it feels so good

CAUTION: If your spouse is masturbating excessively; I would consider 5 or 6 times a day, everyday as excessive. If his behavior is getting in the way of other normal activity; work, being with the family, or relating to you in an intimate manner then help made be needed.

But, if he does this a several times a week, for the reasons outlined above, my advice would be to ignore it. Or better yet, HELP HIM.

Take Away His Shame
Although masturbation is natural many men still feel guilty about it. If you can join him, or at least, not make him feel 'unworthy' it will create a deeper and more intimate relationship.



 Men have shared that having their spouses join them in this activity has changed their lives!

This is one of the reason that I wrote the book.

The next time you catch your man "rubbing one out" consider joining him. (Remember ladies, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander").




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