'Shouldn't we hope'
Himadrish Suwan | 23 Dec 2014

Hope has been regarded quite profoundly by radical thinkers as a bardic,lyrical & baseless human value build upon unreasonable pretensions. Existentialism advocates that through hope humans seek to leap and deny the arbitrariness of life. In a universe where nothingness trumps humanity & logic seems desirable,hope is abstractly contrived.

Hope can never influence fate.Hope,through a blind act of human confidence seeks to explain everything.Thus as Albert Camus remarks "The absurd becomes God and the inability to understand becomes the existence that illuminates everything!!!"

I do not dismiss any of these charges.Hope in all its commonness has indeed been levied upon us by time or through ancestry.My wish is to rediscover hope as an understated gem of the human intellect.I do not wish to hold on to a blinding hope of vileness and ignorance.

I do not wish for some great idea that will transcend my life and give it meaning or in other words simply betray it.I wish to hope for a coherent & indistinguishable recognition of the implacable grandeur of reality.My hope is that randomness is celebrated over importance & that the freedom that comes with unimportance is cherished.

Shouldn't we hope?

And what else is there but hope

Though Hope doesn't make us great or wise

It makes us weaker, inferior, susceptible to humanity

Hope transcends into faith

It is a deceitful agreement

making hopelessness bearable.

Yet, today I choose to hope.

I am opening more doors today

For I do not have strength enough to deny

I cannot choose reluctance over irrelevance

I cannot deny myself

I am too real, too abstract to escape

And thus I hope I can respect reality in it's entirety

I hope I can engage and confront

I hope I have Hope.

I choose to cry today

For in tears I see the hope of trust.

A hope that I can accept what is,

Universally inexistent, yet undeniably mine

This love and this gladness

This anxiety and this revulsion.

I hope my happiness betrays my disappointment

That my poetry never abandons my tears.

I choose to pray today

For in faith I see the hope of belief

A belief that I can be greater than my fears

That knowledge willn't be accompanied by apathy

That worthiness willn't be worshiped over tranquility

That prayer willn't be born out of isolation, escapism

I hope faith becomes our spectacles and not our eyes

I hope life grants us all, Simplicity of hope

I have a choice today to make

A choice having no varying consequence

for my distinction lies not between hope and despair

but between beginnings,ends & exclamations

I choose my life over my existence

Existence is forgetfulness;it is stagnant,perforated,lacks virtue

Life is fluid,It is a miraculous engine of love

My hope is to become life, to become a mad poet's delight.

(The author of the post is Vishwam Prakash from University of Delhi)