Shraddha Charitable Trust launches a unique documentary on Autism directed by Arunaraje
AK Rajput | 07 Jan 2015

As a part of their constant endeavor to engage and empower autistic and mentally challenged individuals, Shraddha Charitable Trust and SPJ Sadhana School will launch a unique documentary, Behind The Glass Wall, directed by award-winning filmmaker Arunaraje Patil on January 9 at Nehru Science Centre.

The event will be graced by Ms. Pheroza Godrej, Manisha Koirala and Meghna Ghai Puri (President, Whistling Woods International), and among others.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Radhike Khanna Vice Principal & Director of Curriculum - S.P.J. Sadhana School states, "the Documentary, Behind the Glass Wall portrays the world of an autistic person and their many challenges. It delves into the world of the autistic, and probes the challenges they face in terms of socialization and communication. We hope to create awareness and eradicate the stigma towards autism through this film."

The event also comprises of panel discussions to understand and discuss the way forward for dealing with Autism in India. The speakers at the panel will include well-known psychiatrist Dr Ashit Sheth, Paediatric Neurologist Dr. Anahita Udwadia Hegde, and Head of Psychiatric Department – JJ Hospital, Dr. Kale.

Further the event will also see the launch of a book Recipes for a Healthy Child: Nourishment on a patravali plate'. The book contains recipes with reduced amounts of sugar and gluten and increased nutrition and is dedicated to all parents who look for new ideas for healthy and nutritious cooking. The main ingredients of the recipes roughly follow a food rotation principle, in which major food groups are not repeated within four days – the time it takes for our bodies to prepare for ingredient repetition without developing allergies and sensitivities. The authors of the book bring to you stories from India and Sweden, told by professional nutritionists who have suffered their way through severe challenges to healthy and meaningful lives.

Speaking about the initiative, Arunaraje said, "Awareness on autism is the need of the hour. Children are still admitted in regular schools which lead to more damage than good. Many pediatricians don't know what autism is and misguide parents. Special educators are few and their training is not what it needs to be. We hope the society and government take note of this and the situation improves through collective efforts.