Shri Ram Sena appeals Guv to slash transport fares across J&K
Rajiv | 17 Jan 2015

The Jammu and Kashmir state president of Shri Ram Sena, Rajiv Mahajan has urged the state Governor NN Vohra to decrease the fares of transport across Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of an unprecedented fall in the price of diesel by more than Rs. 8 per litre till date.

In today's age such decrease in diesel prices means a huge relief to all, but as of now, there seems no proposal to review the transport fares so that the benefit percolate to the common man, Mahajan said adding that such proposals take time and the decision cannot be taken immediately by the government.

Mahajan further said if a common man does not get benefit from such reduction in diesel prices, then what is the use of such slashing of prices? Common man remains as such as he was earlier without any relief.

Criticizing heavily, Mahajan said as and when there is an increase in the price of diesel, the transporters demand for increasing fare by lodging protests, and government accede to their demands but today when the diesel prices have decreased considerably why not the State Government is taking a decision to reduce the fare of transport to benefit the general public.

Mahajan said slashing of diesel price is of no consequence till the transport fares are reduced and the benefit reaches the common man. He again appealed the Governor NN Vohra to announce a decrease in transport fares with immediate effect in the interest of the general public.