Shri Ram Sena condemns lathicharge on Baba Ramdev supporters
Rajiv | 06 Jun 2011

Shri Ram Sena (J&K) condemned lathicharge on Baba Ramdev supporters

IN AN emergency meeting of Shri Ram Sena Jammu and Kashmir held at party office under the chairmanship of its State President Rajiv Mahajan on Sunday 5th June 2011.
Shri Ram Sena Jammu-Kashmir condemned lathicharge on Baba Ramdev Ji supporters in Delhi. The members of Shri Ram Sena,  on Sunday termed the police action against Baba Ramdev and his supporters here as violation of "fundamental rights of citizens" and said it "brought back memories" of the Emergency.
"Everyone who was peacefully sleeping there was beaten up and thrown out..Quite an amount of brutality could be seen there.
"This is violation of the fundamental rights of citizens and also a violation of the human rights of the people who were present there. It is the fundamental right of the citizens to gather peacefully to demonstrate and till yesterday nothing untoward had happened which gave room for any suspicion that there may be a law and order problem. 
Rajiv Mahajan said that permission had been given to Ramdev to use the Ramlila ground "may be for yoga but the government of the day knew that it was not yoga that was going on there."
He said the demonstration was "not physical, it was purely vocal. Till 11 PM, everything was OK for the government and suddenly at 12, Baba Ramdev was picked up."
Shri Ram Sena Jammu-Kashmir give will full support to Baba Ramdev Ji agitation against Corruption.
Among others were present Bal Krishan Arora (Secretary), Ajay Gupta (Sr. Vice President), Pawan Choudhary (Vice President),  Shiv Kumar Sharma (City Vice President), Parul Gupta (Youth President), Raghvir Krishan Gupta (Organiser), Anil Chopra (Industry President), Vijay Gupta (Press Secretary), Pardeep Kumar, Vijay Kumar, , Deepak Sharma, Vishal  Sharma , Ashok Ji  and others.