SIMC National Cyber Media Conclave '09
Ashish Asopa | 30 Mar 2009

A first of Cyber Media Meet in any of the Media schools which brings to the forum the power of internet as a powerful tool of Social Connect

Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication proudly rolled out yet another initiative, and this time they have launched a new venture in the cyber & internet medium called the National Cyber Media Meet. As the name suggests this is the first meet of its type in any of the Media schools of the country to discuss the new journey which the cyber media is providing to this world. The meet had big industry names including CEO’s and founders of the viewspaper, Switch Media Services India Pvt. Ltd, blanknoise, Bell Bajao campaign.

The seminar started at 11am in the morning with its first session addressing the Potency of cyber media for information exchange, social change and networking. The First speaker Mr. Kiruba Shankar, Co founder, the knowledge foundation; CEO, Business blogging pvt. Ltd. spoke about how cyber medium can maximize the social media connect. He shared the anecdote of a person named Sukumar who made it big in the field of technical writing and used the platform of internet.
Mr. Shivam Vij, Owner of the popular website - national highway and also a current Tehelka journalist talked about how blogging, the new tool of expression on net was not considered as effective tool and was derided heavily by various media houses but later they realized the power of this medium and now they are also creating value through this tool.
Mr. Shiv Bhaskar, CEO, The viewspaper talked about the powerful medium of internet and mobile and how they can effectively function as the fourth estate and the role of citizen journalism in the current scenario.
The final speaker of the first session Ms. Jasmeen, founder, blanknoisfe disseminated the whole experience of how their campaign Blanknoise about street violence was successful on a mass level. People especially girls don’t feel save on the roads of their own cities. They are grappling with a feeling of fear which needs to be eliminated forever. The blanknoise campaign did the same by multifarious platforms of media.
The second session was dedicated to Emergence of the web as a medium for branding and marketing. Mr. Rajesh Lalwani , Founder & Director, Scenario Consulting Private Limited- Pitchh.com; Blogworks Scenario talked about how the whole concept of web and internet changed after the advent of Web 2.0. The main aim of this new platform is to make internet more interactive and participatory.
Ms. Rashmi , Founder, Bell Bajao campaign narrated that how the whole Ring the bell campaign has made a difference to the no. of the domestic violence cases in India. Everyone including children have been heavily impacted by this campaign and thus proved that the role of cyber media is as effective as any other medium.
Mr. J Mahadevan, VP, bharatmatrimony.com explained the extended concept of “KISS” by making it “KISSERS”. The customers today want things to be simple, sensible, enjoyable, and relevant & scream worthy. Internet as a medium inherently has these qualities so it provides proper sync between the message and the medium.
Mr. Namit Bimbhat , CEO, Switch Media Services India Pvt. Ltd. emphasized on the online video revolution which has been given life by cyber media. With the increasing speeds of data transfer the whole new bouquet of videos online is changing the way we live, and share the moments of our life.
Mr. Atul Chitnis ,Senior Vice-President, Geodesic Information Systems brought a completely new concept of open source software which are all set to take on the world with the momentum shifting towards such software. With the ebbing away of the revenues through internet advertising everything available on net is going to get priced and if we have to keep these prices low we have to opt more and more for open source software.
The meet in all brought out the concept of the new and modern customers and how to customize the ways of communication so as to be seen distinct in the world clutter. We have to first interact with the customer then involve him, this brings an engagement of him with the experience shared by him and finally such experience empowers him to get to a newer level. Today it’s all about experiential marketing.