Sindhi language wants justice........!!!
younis bhatti | 17 Sep 2013

sindhi language must be declared as a national language of sindh.

 Sindhi is a language spoken in all over the world. In pakistan it is spoken by 37 million people. before the partition of 1947, Sindhi was used as an official language by the british empires. Sir Bartle Frere, Commissioner in Sinsh (1851) issueed an order and made the study of sindhi language compulsory for the british officers. British scholars like Dr. Earnest trumpp and Captain stack worked on the sindhi language and came up with many books, dictionaries and other literature in sindhi. Sindhi is spoken in various regions of pakistan. there are six dilects of sindhi language. Siroli, vicholi, lari, thareli, lasi, kachi.\b\fs20\par \b0\fs32 very recently, sindhi adbi sangat gave a demand draft to the government of pakistan, in which it was stated that: why sindhi language be declared as a national language of pakistan. the experts of linguistic science are of view that a language may be declared a national lnaguage on the following principles.\par(a) it is being used by the people in their daily life for all the purposes of the society.\par(b) which is being spoken by a nation through out its generation from the time immorial.\par(c) which is being used as official and court language and also as a medium of institutions from primary upto the higher education.\par(d) which is being used for its literary and media communication.\par(e) which is an exponent of the various feelings of a nation.\par(f) which is able to borrow and use the words and phrases from any other developed language of the world and can tranform that stock of words according to its own grammatical structure.\par(g) which is originated from the language of the soil of that nation.\par(h) the speakers of that language feel proud of presenting it as their national language.\par According to the lahore resolution of pakistan of 23rd march 1940, "Pakistan is a federation of various provinces where different languages and cultures are spoken and followed respectively. it is an accepted fact that pakistan is not a monocultural, monolingual and mononational country. In pakistan there has been a bitter controversy about the national language of the country, infact this controversy was so lethal for pakistan that it saw a horrendus massacre in east pakistan that ultimately resulted in the separation of east pakistan (bangladesh). According to BUREAU OF STATISTICS GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN YEAR BOOK P-24 "Urdu is a mother language only of 7.57% of total population of country, yet it is declared as a national language of Pakistan.\par Besides all above facts it is submitted that sindhi is most ancient and most developed language of the world. sindhi is as old as the man is himself. it is humble request from sindhi nation to the united nations, linguistic authoritires, government of pakistan to declare sindhi as a national language of sindh province, to deny this status to sindhi language would be tantamount to repeating the psat mistake of ignoring the bengali language and loosing the province altogether.\b\fs20\par\par \b0\fs48\par}?