Situation - Sets you in action
Placida Dsouza | 22 Sep 2017

Situation - by the word itself we understand the condition of the surrounding and the action required to take during such time. Now situation at different places are different and different people come across different types of situations.

Why do situations occur? Occurrence to situation is to make one aware and alert and to build up capability to overcome the difficult time.  Difficult situation no matter what and when makes one alert to take precautionary measures or safety measures for the handle the situation. 

One should make sure that such situations in life (whatsoever) should not occur again and even if it does the solution is already there. Yes, the main reason that difficult or un prediction situation come in our life is to make us aware, prepared and confident to face such things again and again in life never to give up on anything.

Some people run away from life not having the courage to face difficult situations resulting in ending up their life (committing suicide) or they run away from responsibilities leaving their house and parent. The runners leave their people behind to mourn and regret.

Situations come in our life not for us to run from it but to work out solutions to it and face it. Face it hard so next time the situation itself will shivering to encounter us. These are the learning of life. Being practical with life is very very  important. Taking learning from life on day to day basis adds importance to our to become a better person, being a natural being and taking things positively.

Rain comes, storms blow, earthquakes takes place, volcano erupts but the sun continues to gives us its shine during and the which is taken over by the moon during the night. The circle is on. Everyday with new sunshine there are new things happening, new borns  are welcome to this world. Old tree fall but instead a new plant is plants and it takes root towards becoming a big tree and avail its benefits to us human being. Therefore we human being also should not get shaken by the storm, wind, rain and earthquake that comes in our life but face it with full strength, energy and faith for a better and new fruitful SITUATION. 

Fearful situation – Sets you towards fruitful Action.