Skipping PM's oath taking ceremony riding on emotion/rivalry- Some Chief ministers in fact insulting Indian democracy & Constitution!

While SAARC leaders along with Mauritian President attended the mega oath taking ceremony of 15th Prime Minister of India, leader of 16th Lok Sabha, it was really embarrassing when some Chief Ministers of the states skipped or literally boycotted the ceremony. The Congress chief ministers from Karnataka and Kerala along with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha skipped the oath taking ceremony!

In politics, there is always rivalry. But when one holds a constitutional office, he/she can't ignore the Constitutional protocols! The invitations were in fact on behalf of the President of India!

No doubt there is a problem of Tamil sentiments related to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse. But can SAARC be dumped because of emotions against a head of the state! In Indian culture we say 'Atithi Devo Bhav.'

If Tamilnadu CM she is so hurt why don't she tender her resignation as Chief Minister, because holding the office of chief minister she is duty bound to follow the constitution and Constitutional offices!

Most bizarre is the case of Congress Chief Ministers! Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi is attending the ceremony following the gracious tradition of Indian democracy! I don't think Congress President would have instructed them not to attend the oath taking ceremony! It's their sycophantic attitude to the Gandhi family to compete how they loyal to the family for which they even skipped the oath taking ceremony of Indian Prime Minister although they hold Constitutional offices under Indian Constitution!

But then this is culture of Congress Party. They always make their Party supreme leader, the family as an extra constitutional authority. One would always find that Congress chief Ministers, Ministers even cabinet ministers usually send their resignation to Sonia Gandhi! Constitution says resignations to be submitted to Constructional heads such as President of India, Governor of the particular state, speakers of particular house etc! But they never care these constitution provisions rather override it. The Congress head decides which resignation to be accepted and which to be refused!

Coming back to the present case, Congress must start respecting public mandate! Prime Minister no more remains party centric rather remains the leader of the nation! Foreign countries respected the verdict of Indian public and kept aside their personal enmities with the individual called Narendra Modi! They are gearing up to have good ties with the elected Prime Minister of India! If foreign countries can show respect what ails with Indian state chief ministers!

I think they should introspect to the fact that while riding on personal ego, sentiment and rivalry aren't they insulting and embarrassing Indian democracy and Indian Constitution! Even Ravan came to do rituals of Ram's Setubandha to observe decency and cultural courtesy! Should they forget our long practiced culture! If so, will Indian public even pardon them?