Small tips adopted in daily life can save the water for future generation
HARISH DIDO | 24 Mar 2014

Lions Club Ashirwad, Ferozepur a subsidiary of International Association of Lions Clubs, District 321-F celebrated World Water Day at Brilliant Academy over a simple and impressive function.

Dr.Vandhana Nathani, Environmentalist, Coordinator Industrial Project, PTU, Jalandhar, was the chief guest of the function and key note speaker.  The others present were Miss Saroj, Phd student, Ashwani Grover, former President, Municipal Council, Dr.Satinder Singh, National Awardee, Harish Monga, citizen journalist merinews.com and a social activist, Victor.

Speaking on the occasion in her key note address, Dr.Vandhana said, World Water is celebrated on March throughout the world. The available water is not fit for human consumption and it is difficult to survive without access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, sufficient food and energy services which are all linked with water.  We have to do something special especially in the slum areas.

She said, water is a very precious source but because of its wastage, the plant earth is likely to be dry in the coming three-four decades.  No doubt water has played a vital role in developing of civilizations over the earth but our non-responsibility towards its judicious use has compelled us to celebrate these days to create awareness.

She further said, we have to bring change in our day to day habits so far as the use of water is concerned and this change has to be started from home.  She also gave tips as to how to save water and maintain a healthy environment around us.

Dr.Satinder Singh highlighting the importance of water in our life said, there is a need to celebrate every day for which we are lacking in awareness like water, pollution, environment, moral values.  He said,  merely celebrating the days as a rituality would not suffice, we have to be practical in life with a broad vision keep in mind the security of the future generation.

Earlier, Victror, who has dedicated himself to save the environment, recited his own composed poems symbolic to the use of water and its wastage.

Harish Monga, a social activist and citizen journalist merinews.com, an online English portal of first with the news said, if we are a part or creator of any problem, the solution to the problem also lies within us. We can start from small things to achieve the big targets.  The house-wives can play a major role in saving the acute water scarcity. 

Deepak Sharma, Secretary of the Club thanked the chief guest and speakers for sparing their time to celebrate this day at a very short notice and appreciated the efforts of Lion Amit Batra, Project Chairman for making all arrangements.

On this occasion, the others present were lion members, local citizens and in good number of housewives.