Social media is the buzzword for today's GenX
sarmistha neogy | 22 Nov 2011

Businesses in India use social media mainly for advertising, followed by communication with customers

DON’T YOU wish to work in a super cool office, where the walls are adorned with witty quotations and funny paintings? There is a huge 6x9 blackboard where the employees are free to write anything, which is there on their mind.
You are always on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter and you can get away with it without minimizing your browser every time your boss comes in for inspection. You have Friday special treats from office like Pizzas and beers. Welcome to a vibrant new company Social Media 18 in Mumbai.

We are a group of young, talented and passionate people and we all love "Socializing”, says Deepak Dubey, co-founder of Social Media 18.

In today's world social media is an integral part of all our lives. We all are connected with the help of these social networking sites.  According to a report by a global consultancy firm Grant Thornton's International Business, as reported by the Indian media, 64 per cent of businesses in India use social media in some capacity, the fourth-highest percentage out of 39 economies surveyed and well ahead of China (48 per cent) and Brazil (44 per cent).

Businesses in India use social media mainly for advertising, followed by communication with customers.

There have been numerous social media agencies which have been mushrooming in our country in a span of few years. These agencies create brand awareness on social network sites; engage in meaningful conversations with the members, thus value adding to a client's business.

According to Deepak “From earlier old marketing days, now power has shifted to consumers and they are getting smarter day by day. Consumers today don’t trust advertisement, they trust people. Now it’s time that brands and marketers realize that bond of relationship is stronger than any form of marketing”.

The blue and green logo of Social Media 18 is quite new and innovative and it speaks volume of what the company is into. The company is into providing mainly four kinds of services; social media marketing, social media monitoring, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. Now for a lay man like most of us, we hardly understand these technical jargons.

In simple words, these social media firms have clients for whom they work. They create their clients pages on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For eg brand Jockey has its own fan page on Facebook, this page is created by companies like Social Media 18. The company’s main job is to make the page extremely engaging by putting up small quizzes, funny games and through polls.  Social Media 18 also looks at various ways to increase the traffic on to their client’s website.

“Social Media 18 offers a unique proposition of combining Search Marketing with Social Media, which will ensure that you will always be on top of every search results, and when they reach you, you will have better Social Media strategy to engage with them further” says Deepak.