Social networking sites: Forget ban, set rules
Parul GUlati | 10 Mar 2014

You think about internet and social networking pumps in. Then there is as trail of debates related to it and one such is whether these networking sites should be banned from colleges and offices or not.

According to me, banning is not the solution because now social networking is going beyond the idea of sharing pictures and regular chit chats. Like any other issue, even this has its pros and cons but definitely banning is not the way out. It is very clear that these sites are now also been used to establish business contacts and maintain these business relations.

Nowadays, you name any company from any field and it has a Facebook page. Many of them run numerous marketing campaigns on a regular basis to be in the lime light and increase its popularity. Huge amount of money is spent just to fetch the maximum 'likes' for their page.

Many companies believe that their employees spend much time on Facebook which hampers the productivity and have hence banned their access. But I believe in the era of smart phones and growing technology, this sounds a bit foolish. With cheap data card packages from all the subscribers, its takes a few seconds to log in over your phone and connect with your friends.

Also there are many websites and software available that offer bypass to the office and college firewall and access to the restricted sites. Instead of the 'access denied' solution, companies should work on the deadlines and come out with policies around performance. You cannot really make someone work harder by banning these sites as he will find a way out anyway.

And if you think about banning social networking sites from colleges, then you definitely need a second thought. With a generation full of gadgets freaks, this might not be possible. A major portion of college activities is done through these sites-from organizing an event to making it popular and finally its feedback.

Even the professors use it for updating students about the scheduled classes. Students use it for their academic discussions as well. Gone are the days when one waited for minutes to send a file through their gmail accounts; now it's all done through Facebook.

Banning is not the answer but monitoring is!