seema chandra | 28 Mar 2010

its all about the use and misuse of social networking sites.


Social networking sites are a true example of love, sex and dhokha. According to a study it has been found that most of the people got sexually transmitted dieses through social networking sites. Now you must be thinking how it very simple most of the people meeting on these sites land up in having casual sex. A number of people who have been transmitted STD admitted in the clinics that they went for sex with the people they have met on social networking sites. Quite amazing even though a number of HIV cases are there increasing in the world people loose their senses. One can easily understand or in other words most of us do understand that we should not trust people blindly over a chat away. Most of the times we do not even know who is on the other side may be it could be your friend, your husband or partner who chats through another email id to test your loyalty or you?

                   Social networking sites like every other thing have got their pros and cons. If somewhere it is helping you to connect through your friends, family and relatives then on the other side it is showing your identity to the world. May be some unknown people can use it for their need and anti social things. a lot many people meet on these sites they fall in love which unluckily most of the times is very short lived, after meeting each other through the information they shared online or after exchanging their phone numbers they turn into physical relations and if things do not go well then its nothing more then a dhokha. It happens to the people who have not met online also but things and conditions remain different you have a more clear vision about your partner. Many people have faced the drawbacks of chatting and dating online. What could have been more devastating that a brit girl was fired off her job through a termination letter sent to her on facebook account!! Isn’t it surprising. How can a boss use a social networking site for professional reasons? Once it happened to a person I know he updated status as “hectic schedule my boss is after my life” after this he had to apologize in the manner, quite funny. These sites are ones own space no matter what one updates his or her status on them.

                Cyber world is a miracle for the person who is not familiar with this world of technicality. There are a lot of things which normally do not know like hacking a account, copying photos or hacking your desktop information while chatting with you. No matter whatever your privacy settings are remember there are always people around who can still view and use your account. The only way is to avoid the strangers, unwanted people and also share your minimum information online. Its not that only you are online the world is online with their all sorts of minds on!! You have to save yourself from the emotional attayachar later on.