Solidarity with Awas Haq Satyagrah
Narendra Ch | 02 Jun 2015

The on-going Awas Haq Satyagrah in Mumbai has entered its 8th day today, with 2nd day of relay fast, to demand right to housing and basic amenities in the slum of Mandala, Mankhurd.

In a brutal demolition drive in 2004-05, more than 3,000 families were forcefully evicted with their homes and property being damaged. During the UPA government, the Ministry of Urban Development had announced a pilot project of the Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) and had chosen Mandala to launch it. However, the promise remained unfulfilled. Ten years and several promises later, people are still homeless and continue to face oppression at the hand of corrupt builder-police-politician nexus.

On 26th May, thousands of people from Mandala and supporters from other slums of Mumbai gathered and collectively occupied the land that has been lying vacant since the demolition several years ago to launch the Satyagrah. However, there has been no response from the government so far. The recent news of diluting the RAY to favour the builder corporate lobby is another example of government's callousness.

To stand in solidarity with the on-going struggle in Mandala (Mumbai) as well as to highlight the need for right to housing, shelter, basic amenities and right of the poor over urban spaces, we call upon the concerned groups and individuals to come in large numbers in front of Maharashtra Sadan.