Sonia knows Congress is weak

To save the power in atleast in Andhra pradesh the AICC President is asking the Chief Minister Rosaiah to keep the party safe in the state.

 The Congress President Smt Sonia Gandhi has come to a conclusion that her party is very weak in many states including Karnataka in Southern India. This has been revealed by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rosaiah in a Cabinet meeting held on 14th October in Hyderabad.
The Chief Minister has asked the ministers to strengthen the party first and said it was the message which I brought from Delhi. 
In the recent days the Jammu and Kashmir issue has damaged the credit of Congress as a whole and position of party in Karnataka is being diminished by the acts of Governor Bharadwaj and other party leaders there. In the Gujarat party has lost local body elections and hope is less in Bihar to come to power throwing strong Nitish Kumar.
In Andhra Pradesh the position of party is said to be fine but Jaganmohana Reddy’s Odarpu Yatra is being the talk of the party. The high command is not in a position to take severe action who participated in the Yatra but issuing show cause notices to second rated leaders which generates unnecessary nuisance.
Some telangana leaders who don’t have any support of public gives statements against Jagan and Late YSR. Particularly Rajyasabha MPs VHanumontha Rao and KesavaRao slipped the words against Late YSR.
If any action against Jagan is initiated anything can happen in the party of Andhra Pradesh. Very cautiously AICC is acting upon and waiting for the time to axe on Jagan. But it would not be possible for the AICC as Jagan is strengthening as the days are passing on and he is also slowly changing the strategies. In the present Nellore Odarpu Yatra he has left out the Congress flag of Sonia and using his and his late Dad’s pictures. He could not care anybody whether prominent leaders are being participated in the Yatra or not. Only public giving much support to Jagan and that is only strength.
The Prakasm District Yatra had run for more than a month and every where he was fully supported by crowds and now also in Nellore district. In Nellore Yatra the Minister for Mucipal Administration Anam and his brother and MLA of Nellore is not participating but crowds are did not care them.
With these entire in mind the AICC has no guts to ask Rosaiah anybody in the cabinet and also to join except to ask to work vigorously.