Spare not the judges from RTI
BIBIN.S.NATH | 09 Aug 2009

In a country where the people have such a great trust on judiciary why the judges themselves set an example by making public their assets.

Is it fair for the Supreme Court CJ to say RTI should be applied to judiciary ,but not the judges.Are these judges not part of judiciary.Is this make any sense? asked noted RTI activist Aravind Khajiriwal in his orientation lectures to the new batch of IIMC students here.The greatest problem of this country is that ?what we see us democracy is actually not democracy?.There used to be much greater democracy in ancient India in a sense.But that democracy is never equated with elections.For democracy to be meaningful the power should be given back to the people.Mr.Khajiriwal was delivering a lecture on the subject ?Local Self Governance:Role of RTI?.Budget should be made in the streets and not in ministerial halls.He cited examples of Brazil and USA where the participative decision making is implied.Our Govt.needs only our votes and once they are elected they didn?t care us in making decisions.The power rests with the centre and it is not percolating to grass roots he said.He also pointed fingers on the unnecessary hype created around RTI.RTI is not going to fulfill all our Swaraj dreams of Gandhi or Nehru.It is just to slightly improve the present system,not completely changing it,he said.