Specialized coaching for executives
nahrs | 15 Dec 2011

Executive Coaching is like an experiential workshop. Executive Coaching is an integral part of the continuous knowledge and learning process in the field of business. The Nahrs Human Resource Management offers Executive Coaching service such as Coaching and Training, Soft Skills Training, Corporate Team Workshops & Outbound and inbound Training programs in New Delhi.

NAHRS HUMAN Resource Management helps to develop adult learning principles and thinking at a business level. Our unique methodology of implementing experiential learning techniques as opposed to customary theoretical learning has paved the way for individuals to improve capability and overall performance at the workplace. Our training workshops are ingenuously customized to promote a lively, motivational atmosphere that enables powerful learning to take place.

The Nahrs Human Resource Management provides services of Training, Executive coaching and Outbound Training programs at all levels. We provide world-class executive coaching; business coaching programs to enable individuals develop leadership skills, gain personal insights and showcase their full potential towards personal and professional endeavors. Our corporate mentoring program helps create a sustainable, measurable and highly effective framework for engaging and developing every employee in the organization. We facilitate strategy workshops that are designed to align individuals towards common goals. Our executive development workshops act as catalysts to conceive innovative solutions for difficult business problems that foster tactical and strategic intent of the organization.

We also create performance indicators to track progress and build consensus around our client´s mission and vision. We believe that co-creation is the art and science of collaboration.  We encourage and motivate corporate communities to think laterally and cognitively without the fear of judgment or failure, especially when they are cross-cultured, geographically spread and differently managed. Team Development is achieved through the richness, interpretation and strength of our co-creation process. It is an emergent discipline that has found ways of evolving a best fit creative solution in a collaborative way. To know more about the Executive Coaching.